outdoors according the seasons

I am sure you take a lot of pictures of your family, especially your children. But so that you can all be in

the photo together, you can do just selfie and it does not allways look nice.

Come to have a photo taken :-).

I would love to take pictures of your family.

I would love to take a picture when you are pregnant. Just with your husband, with your other children, as you wish.

You can bring your grandparents or your pets with you.

My photographs are arranged in the four seasons.

Nature is so beautiful in every season!

I specialize in photoshooting outside. I love nature, blossoming trees, falling autumn leaves, blooming dandelions in the meadow, sunset and sunrise. We can record all the beauty around together with a photo shoot of your family and your children. Better said - all the beauty of the surrounding nature will support the "beauty" of your family in the photo.

Children up to one year old (three-month-old children who are already grazing hobbies or sitting toddlers) can be photographed in the studio, but if you ask for my opinion - I would still rather take pictures of you outside. A toddler with his mother in his arms by a flowering tree simply has its charm.

And for children who are already walking - there is a clear choice! I do not recommend taking photos of walking children in the studio at all. Children are freer outside, happier and more laughable.