My name is Jana Kovalčíkova (read Kovaltchikowa). I have been interested in photos and photography since I was a child. My father has been interested in photography all his life. 

I bought my first camera when I was a teenager and since then I have loved looking at the world through the finderscope. I studied economics at university and I also speak 2 foreing languages but I realised that
my place is in photography and working with children.

I started to photograph kids full-time after my kids were born. I think you can photograph kids only when you understand them better. You need to be a clown and psychologist at the same time.

Besides photoshooting I love my family.

I like walking in the forest and travelling. Of course with a camera in my hands :-).

Come and have your picture taken :-). I look forward to you.

childrens photography Brno
childrens photography Brno