Maternity photo session

Dear pregnant women! Dear ecpectant mother! If you concider or think about pregnant photo session you are at the right page.

Photoshooting pregnant women is great privilege and great joy.

Photoshooting of a pregnant women is great privilege and great joy.

Expectand mother is for me personification of beuty, love, faith, hope, tenderness and new life.

I think this period of time shouldnt ignore any woman even if she doesnt feel really well. We know it all. There are days when pregnancy is not that easy.

Dont worry I will help you to feel fine by the photoshooting. Take your partner with and all together we will take nice pregnant pictures according your wish.

You will show your childrens your baby bump. For sure they will be curious. And you will have a nice memory.

Regarding clothing - we will speak about it. However you can looking forward even now because I lend you pregnant dress.