Dreaming photography - that is what I have enjoyeds recently and what fulfills me the most, and it is also the most successful with you (my clients and customers), so it is a mutual joy.

Almost all the photos that I have in my entire portfolio (not only under the heading dreaming) listed are edited in the dreaming style.

The photos are difficult to take - one needs to think about the photo shoot overall, about the specific location (the location must be beautiful and attractive from the position of the photographer against the light), clothes (clothes should match the color of the environment), the direction of light (most often backlight) and the time of day at which I take photos (most often I choose the early evening time, which is known in photography as the "golden" hour - it is about an hour before sunset). Last but not least, it is a relatively demanding editing of photo and post-process. Photography with dreaming editing is simply "expensive" and time-consuming in general, and not everyone can afford a DREAMING PACKAGE. That's why I decided to edit photos with standard editing (not so demanding and more financially acceptable for a wider group of people), and to see a clear difference so that you could decide which photo shoot and which package you prefer, here are a few photos - first with standard editing and below followed by dreaming editing the same photos for your comparison.

For more photos in a dreaming style, please see my photo gallery.

Standard editing

Dreaming editing